Thursday, 14 May 2020

What I eat in a day - Gluten free

Hey everyone, 

Wow it has been a very long time since I last post on this blog a lot has happened since then and I will for sure be letting you know all about that in a few other posts I have scheduled to come out. I hope you are all well and keeping safe in these uncertain times. 

Today's post is going to be a fun, what I eat in a day post ith my gluten-free diet as they can always be very fun and interesting and it's always interested me to see what other people eat and what they like etc. It also helps give me some inspiration for food ideas for myself.


For breakfast, I do like to have some gluten-free natures path granola and I add goji berries, cranberries, yeo valley mango and vanilla yoghurt, dried apricots and walnuts. I have always found this a good breakfast to have as it is light and refreshing and very tasty. I do often add in some raspberries and strawberries too but due to isolation and not being able to get a deliver slot I have been unable to get them in time for this post to show you. What is your favourite breakfast and why?


For Lunch, I had some sausage meatballs I had made using pork sausage and taking the meat out and rolling it into balls. I then created a sauce out of one onion, garlic, chilli, salt, pepper, oregano, red pepper, tomato puree, a hint of ketchup and tinned tomatoes. when this is all combined together it really does taste amazing. I had this on a bed of lettuce and had some yellow pepper with it. What do you like to eat for lunch?


For my snack, I had a Nakd bar in the carrot cake flavour. This is my favourite one of the Nakd bars but I do have to say I do enjoy the original cashew cookie. What is your all-time snack of choice?


For my dinner, I created my own pizza using a Bfree pizza base, tomato puree, orange pepper, onion, garlic, chilli, cheddar cheese, tuna, a few small pepperoni slices torn up and some mozzarella. This does sound like a lot but I promise I didn't use as much as it sounds and the flavour combinations really worked well. It was cut into eight slices and I enjoyed every bit. (I do apologise as the photo for this is actually the one my sister made as for some reason the photo I took of mine has gone) What's your favourite pizza topping? 


For my dessert, I made some gluten-free flowerless brownies, I will link the recipe here. They are amazing to eat and they do not take to much time or effort and are really enjoyable warm and keep up to three days. I warmed two up and served them with a scoop of carte dor vanilla ice-cream. If you could pick only one dessert to have for the rest of your life what would it be and why?


For drinks I had a glass of Banana milkshake with my breakfast,  a cup of twinings buttermint tea mid-morning, water throughout the day and with my dinner I had a glass of pink lemonade. I try not to drink to much fizzy drink throughout the day and like to drink water (However I do need to drink more water throughout the day). What is your favourite drink? 

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post and do let me know what your favourite dishes are. I do like to hear from you. Look forward to getting back into posting on this blog. 

Much Love,
Kayleigh x


  1. You eat some great stuff. I am not gluten free, but I know many people who are. That dessert looks good!

  2. My mouth is watering with all of your meals. Except the dessert because I don't really crave for them anymore.

  3. I have tried the Nakd bars and they are delicious. Your breakfast also looks so delicious

  4. Doesn't look bad at all! People who eat the standard diet sometimes think anything but is so out there. You prove that you are not missing a thing!

  5. This looks good! I don't eat gluten-free specifically, but yogurt, granola, and fruit is one of my favorite breakfasts!

  6. Ah, all these things look yummy and are gluten free! I think I need to consult a dietician about that, as I may have problems with gluten! :)

  7. I never knew gluten free could sound so delicious. You really can figure out any dietary restriction and enjoy it too.

  8. I have been eating gluten free for awhile now. Our breakfast looks pretty identical and I can't wait to try out your dessert!

  9. Great the gluten free eating idea are amazing...these foods look so delicious and yummy.... (World in Eyes)

  10. The food looks delicious! What a healthy diet!


  11. Now I am feeling hungry by just reading this post. I also eat gluten-free foods, but hard to resist the rests of the foods.

  12. These all look like really healthy options. It looks really great!

  13. These healthy options look great thanks for sharing

  14. Ooh that granola and chocolate brownie looks amazing, really love seeing what others eat and amazing it's all gluten free

    Laura x