Thursday, 18 January 2018

jumanji review

Karen Gillen as Martha
Dwayne Johnson as Spencer
Kevin Heart as Fridge
Jack Black as Bethany
Nick Jonas as Alex

this film is about four high-school aged children put into detention to discover an old games console with a game already plugged into it. they have never heard of the game called Jumanji before and they are tempted to play. they turn on the console choose there characters when they are sucked into the game itself. they literally become the avatars that they have chosen to be. they then find themselves having to solve the game but they don't just need to play Jumanji they need to somehow survive it to get home meeting Alex along the way.

this film was amazing a real stomach laughter. the characters are outrageously hilarious with one-liners and enough seat gripping adventures that gets your heart pumping. it is a real cracker of a film and is defiantly something i would love to see again it was great. Also the use of the music throughout the film is great and it really is made to make you feel like you are almost inside the game yourselves wanting to get up and join in and is definitely a thrill seekers dream.

I would rate this film a strong 9 out of ten it would have got a ten if i could have joined in ;) 

If you haven't seen it already i definitely recommend you go and see it and if you have seen it what did you think?


  1. I must see this! Everything where’s Nick Jonas I just need to see haha.

  2. he was really good in it definitely if you get the chance to see it do its amazing. i didn't even realise he was gunna be in it when i saw him i was shocked

  3. Aaaah I want to watch this so badly! I love the actors so much.

  4. I haven't seen this one but your review definitely made me want to watch it. Thank you for sharing this! :)

  5. omg! I loved this film! all the characters were laugh out loud hilarious and it was sweet to see some romance in it. I agree with your rating.

  6. I definitely want to see this but I'm not sure anything can top the original. I mean Robin Williams and a young Kirsten Dunst? Perfection, lol.

  7. I totally want to watch this....I followed the making on Kevin hart's Snapchat

  8. I really want to go see this. It has a great cast and looks like fun.

  9. I’m trying to talk my kids into seeing this, hoping they will go with me lol