Thursday, 28 December 2017

That Time Of Year

as everyone is aware it ’tis the season to be jolly’ or Christmas or end of year depending on how you look at it and as yes it can be such a joyous tie of the year for many people please take a thought for those who may be struggling at this time of year

people whom are for example homeless or without a family to go to throughout this festive period can be quite hard so please always be polite to those around us and you never know what it is people are going through right at this time. as a community we must be friendly helpful and there for others around us
also through this festive period depression anxiety and other mental health issues are on the rise so please don’t be pressuring to people around just be supportive and also if you are struggling and do need support remember there is always someone whom you can talk to. i understand it seems hard and daunting at time but i promise you, you are an amazing person and you will get the support you need

here i will attach the list of services that can be spoken to during these times if need be and please do talk don’t feel like you have to keep the feelings all to yourself i know for a fact you are all great people and are all perfect in your own ways

instant counselling this is a service where you can ring up and gain the support you are needing or wanting and they will talk to you and give you that support. it also gives you the opportunity to choose who you speak to with a list of peoples names and images online which is perfect in my opinion to help you feel more comfortable you know who you are talking to roughly rather than someone you haven’t even seen before

samaritans one of the more well known mental health services around where i live. they support you and give you advice and are also just there if you need someone to talk to. they also have a phone number to call when you need to speak to them. 116 123 

i hope this will help you and if there are any others you feel should be added to the list please let me know and i will add them on

lets support our community

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