Monday, 15 August 2016

YouTube sitc and friends

so it is now post sitc (summer in the city) and i am so sad that it is over i had an amazing time made amazing friends and i have also met some amazing youtubers i just want to thank everyone for making sitc such and amazig experience and i cant wait for sitc 2017 next year bring it on

mark ferris

even edinger

luke cutforth

niki albon
sammy albon
dodie clark
 jake mitchell
mike fox
steven bridges
julius dein
 emma blackery
riyadh k
jack maynard and josh pieters
doug armstrong
marina joyce
rapheal gomes
even and connie (noodlerella)
chai cameron

and the squad
twitter: @kayzzzz24
instagram: xxkayleigh96xx
snapchat: kaysa96

Friday, 5 August 2016

Pokemon go all the characters, all you need to know

got to get them all pokemon go is out and we are all going crazy over it and some people are wondering what the 150 pokemon they are searching for over time and i can tell you this so you know what to look out for in your time seaching and excerising (yes it is an exercise app to get people out and searching) and what a good time for it to be out when its summer getting people to be socialable and out in the fresh air and sun.

this game is also very helping for people whom need to have their minds taken of off certain subjects and this is also bringing back good memories of everyones childhood and this is so good and a fun way for the children of the new generation to play the game and have fun whilst being back in time and being in time with the new technology.

so here we are here is the 150 pokemon you are looking for

  1. bulbasaur
  2. ivysaur
  3. venusaur
  4. charmander
  5. charmeleon
  6. charizard
  7. squirtle
  8. wartortle
  9. blastoise
  10. caterpie
  11. metapod
  12. buterfree
  13. weedle
  14. kakuna
  15. bedrill
  16. pidgey
  17. pidgeotto
  18. Peugeot
  19. rattata
  20. raticate
  21. spearow
  22. fearow
  23. ekans
  24. arbok
  25. pikachu
  26. raichu
  27. sandshrew
  28. sandslash
  29. nidoran (female)
  30. nidorina
  31. nidoqueen
  32. nidoran (male)
  33. nidorino
  34. nidoqueen
  35. clefairy
  36. clefable
  37. vulpix
  38. ninetails
  39. jigglypuff
  40. wiggleytuff
  41. zubat
  42. golbat
  43. oddish
  44. gloom
  45. vileplume
  46. paras
  47. parasect
  48. venonat
  49. venomoth
  50. digglet
  51. dugtrio
  52. meowth
  53. persian
  54. psyduck
  55. golduck
  56. mankey
  57. primeape
  58. growlithe
  59. arcanine
  60. poliwag
  61. poliwhirl
  62. poliwrath
  63. abra
  64. kadabra
  65. alakazam
  66. machop
  67. machoke
  68. machamp
  69. bellsprout
  70. weepinbell
  71. victreebel
  72. tentacool
  73. tenacruel
  74. geodude
  75. graveller
  76. gloem
  77. ponyta
  78. rapidash
  79. slowpoke
  80. slowbro
  81. magnemite
  82. magneton
  83. far-fetchd
  84. doduo
  85. dodrio 
  86. seel
  87. dewgong
  88. grimer
  89. muk
  90. shellder
  91. cloyster
  92. gastly
  93. haunter
  94. gengar
  95. onyx
  96. drowzy
  97. hypno
  98. krabby
  99. King Lear
  100. voltorp
  101. electrode
  102. exeggcute
  103. exeggutor
  104. cubone
  105. marowak
  106. hitmonlee
  107. hitmonchan
  108. lickitung
  109. koffing
  110. weezing
  111. rhyhorn
  112. rhydon
  113. chansey
  114. tangelo
  115. kangaskhan
  116. horsea
  117. seadra
  118. golden
  119. seeking
  120. staryu
  121. starmie
  122. mr mime
  123. skyther
  124. jynx
  125. electabuzz
  126. magmar
  127. pinsir
  128. tauros
  129. magikarp
  130. gyarados
  131. lapras
  132. ditto
  133. eevee
  134. vaporeon
  135. jolteon
  136. flareon
  137. porygon
  138. omanyte
  139. omastar
  140. kabuto
  141. kabutops
  142. aerodactyl
  143. snorelax
  144. articuno
  145. zapdos
  146. moltres
  147. dratini
  148. dragonair
  149. dragonite
  150. mewtwo
what is your best pokemon and what is the best cp you got?

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

sitc, YouTube and fun (small blog)

summer in the city is coming up in just over a week and i am so flipping excited i am hoping to meet some of my favourite youtubers.

SITC Summer In The City
is an event in london and it is a huge YouTube gathering where you get the opportunity to meet youtubers and fellow friends you talk to on the internet. it is a fun and interesting event that everyone loves to go to.

Things To Take To SITC
-portable chargers

don't take to much as it may be hard for you to carry but enjoy have fun and be yourself

YouTube is now the way in which people express themselves and it is so fun i use YouTube myself it is also an amazing way to meet new people and collaborations are an amazing way to do that is at sitc but i still feel that YouTube is an amazing way of doing that.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A-Z tips for positivity

hey again everybody i am currently putting together a competition for my blog readers to participate in so i hope this will be ready soon but for now here is an a-z top tips to try and stay positive through out life :D

A-- always try your very best
B-- believe in yourself
C-- calm and colectivness is key
D-- decide what to do through out the day that you enjoy
E-- even when you feel like it is the end there is always something to smile about
F-- family and friends are always there for you
G-- giving yourself time to think good things will help
H-- happiness is always good in life
I-- i and many others care so keep smiling
J--  just being yourself is the best thing ever
K-- kindness is always great
L-- life is always worth living
M-- memories of happy times should always be in your thoughts
N-- never feel like anything is your fault
O-- opinions will be made but rty and not focus on the bad
P-- positivity is always possible even if you feel it isn't think of 5 good thigs each day
Q-- question what makes you happy and try and implement them into your life
R-- remember that your not alone many people love and care
S-- start writing a daily diary and onlywrite 5 good things in morning and night to read when down
T-- try and do more of the things that you love
U-- understanding the fine line between positivity and negativity can be hard i know
V-- very sportive to believe in yourself
W-- when down listen to your favourite most up beat music
X-- eXamine your good days and see what the best part was to remember the best bits
Y-- you are an amazing wonderful person so just remember that
Z-- zigzaggs are a part of everyone's life everyone has ups and downs just try and stay as positive as possible with it

i just want to add i understand some of these are repeated but i hope this helps people build up on positivity i use this myself as i am always needed to improve my positivity and i hope what helps me helps many others out there :D

Monday, 1 August 2016

Gluten free pokemon cupcakes

125g self raising flour (i used gluten free)
125g butter
125g sugar
2 eggs
3 tbsp milk
vanilla or almond essence i used almond
100g icing sugar
few drops of water to desired texture
food colouring of your choice

  1. pre-heat the oven to gas mark 4
  2. cream together the sugar and the butter until fully blended
  3. add the essence in and mix thoroughly
  4. add in the eggs one at the time and incorporate them in fully
  5. add the 3 tablespoons of milk and mix together
  6. fold in the flour to ensure it is incorporated fully
  7. put in the oven for 15-25 minutes
  8. take out and cool 
  9. add the icing sugar and water to a bowl and depending on how you decorate you may need different bowls and colouring
  10. decorate the cakes in chosen way i chose pokeballs

i have made a breif video as part of VEDA on YouTube
VEDA is video everyday august would be amazing if you could check it out and subscribe for more uploading everyday of august

link to video below

gluten free pokemon cupcakes youtube