Sunday, 31 July 2016

top 10 youtubers

i don't know anyone who has never watched something on YouTube and i don't know many people who aren't in a video at some point in their life but today i am going to tell you who my top 10 youtubers are and i hope some of these are your favorite youtubers too if not let me know who you like if i missed them and i will have a look at them.

number 10

louise pentland aka sprinkle of glitter
i love love love loiuse she is such a fun and bubbly person and her daughter darcy never fails to make me laugh. i love that louise does videos that i can relate to and her not worth watching videos are always worth watching they are so funny.

number 9

i am in love with this family jonathan and anna are amazing people and emilia and eduardo are just gorgeous lovely bubbly children i love how they started of as vlogging just them and it has now involved their children (and their births) they include there ups and downs and they always make me smile. i love the strong family bond and they are so strong it is just amazing if i ever grow up to have a family half as strong as them i would be over the moon.

number 8

alfie deyes aka pointless blog
i have loved the pointlessblog vlogs for a long time now i just find them fun and even when alfies day isn't really full he still manages to make an awsome yet filled video every time. i also love that he always is positive and likes to get his veiwers involved in things for example a few weeks back he did a giveaway for his merch and unfortunately i didn't win throughout the weeks giveaway but its the way i was able to join in that made me feel good and he and many others help build up positivity within so many people.

number 7

joe sugg aka thatcherjoe
he is a funny and amazing youtuber he makes me and millions of others laugh with his fun and odd videos. he is always fresh with ideas and is alway one of the first to bring out a new and improved idea for a video and i love this he is hilarious and his books are just fantastic. i can never find a bad video of joes even his old videos are amazing. also his impressions are just out of this world.

number 6

marcus butler aka marcy butt butt
he is hilarious and just fantastic he is so funny his ore marcus videos with try not too's and reaction videos are amazing. he is also very keen on his health and he has his own company doing sourced boxes with healthy and tasty snacks and i tell you they are amazing. i just feel like all of marcus's videos are fantastic.

number 5

conor maynard
OMFG his voice is out of this world he has a great voice and he is always on it when it comes to remix's and covers they are always fantastic and to be honest most of my favorite songs are made better when conor sings them and his latest video where he has done an RnB remix it is just amazing i will always remember being at school and college and now uni listening t his music.

number 4

zoe sugg aka zoella
she is wonderful she is an inspirational person i feel myself more in common with zoe than anyone else shes funny amazing kind and friendly and you don't get this in many people. i also love her products they are fantastic but back to YouTube she makes me laugh and is just amazing. if i had to choose one person to do a video with it would be zoe i love her energy and she makes me feel calm when anxiety hits watch zoe to calm you down i tell you it works.

number 3

mark ferris
he is fantastic and i really cant wait to meet him at summer in the city he makes me laugh he is just comical his videos are just things i want to see everything he films are amazing also his dog teddi is just adorable and his videos with teddi in make my heart melt and his merch is fantastic i have the head in the clouds phone case and find it fantastic quality. hes a wonderful person and i really cant wait to meet him.

number 2

jack maynard
he is just fantastic hes hilarious and amazing his videos are amazing and i love how he gets his family involved in his videos. he is down to earth and makes everyone laugh. his snapshot is also super. his helium song challenge with anth and conor was so funny and i just love how he makes everyone laugh so easily without worry.

so here we are my number one youtuber i genuinely find this youtuber blooming amazing and i love everything this youtuber does was one of the first youtubers i subscribed to on my first ever YouTube channel with the video of the house tour which was there 2nd ever video on there channel so here we go who is it who is my favourite youtuber

number 1

caspar lee
yes caspar is my favourite YouTube ever funny hilarious never fails to make me laugh and i can remember the first ever time i watch his video's when he did his house tour in south africa and it was hilarious and ever since then i have loved every single video i cant help but laugh. i also love how intriguing his videos are and his vlogs are also hilarious, his video with kevin heart and his roast and many more are the most fantastic thing i have ever watched.

so there we have it the top 10 youtubers in my opinion. don't forget to tell me your fav youtubers and i will be doing another video on small tubers so keep an eye out for that

Friday, 29 July 2016

what to blog about?

everybody gets to a stage in there blog where they get writers block. where they don't know what to blog about or even when to write it, so in this post i am writing this post with the list of things i have written down to help me understand what to blog about to help you in times of need here are 45 ideas

  1.  favorite restaurants
  2. restaurant reviews
  3. thoughts and feelings
  4. goals
  5. favorites monthly
  6. yearly favorites
  7. to do list
  8. tips for freshures
  9. time i met
  10. story time
  11. recipes
  12. favorite chloths
  13. all about me
  14. pro and cons of uni
  15. pro and cons of work
  16. why i started blogging
  17. things to do before im 21
  18. favorite quotes
  19. rants
  20. opinions
  21. a-z tips
  22. poems
  23. social media
  24. what i blog about
  25. worst or best films
  26. day in photos
  27. who to invite to a dinner party
  28. top 5 fashion items
  29. top 5 makeup items
  30. top 5 sports
  31. last day to live what to do
  32. the time we
  33. giveaways
  34. competitions
  35. top 5 travel destinations
  36. best time to write
  37. top 10 youtubers
  38. top 5 small tubers
  39. top 5 music choices of the week
  40. sitc
  41. day out
  42. week away
  43. memory posts
  44. year in my life
  45. top 5 baking tips
i hope this has helped you out i hope you will find these good to try out.

don't forget to comment and let me know what you think and also if you have anything else to add to the list i would love to hear from you x

Thursday, 28 July 2016

top 5 travel destinations

hey again in this blog post i am going to be writing my top 5 travel destinations that i would like to travel to some may be random and some i've been dreaming of for a long time.

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number 5....... canary islands
i know this is rather strange and a large area however i really like the idea of traveling around the nice lovely warm sandy beaches and its not to far away from home but far enough to feel free and do traveling.

number 4...... cape town South Africa
i love South Africa and it is a wonderful place to go to and is such a warming fun vibrant area in which everyone seems to love i seen so much of South Africa through YouTube videos and snapshot by Theodora and Caspar Lee and i mean i love the area so i would love to go there at some point in my life to site see and also the weather seems to be amazing and such a fabulous area to visit

number 3..... hawaii
i really love the idea of hawaii from the beautiful sunsets to the warm weather to the beaches i can just imagine myself on the beach with a pina colada (don't ask why i seem to love them). i feel there would be so much amazing to see the sites and enjoy the environment i feel this would be a wonder holiday.

number 2...... new york
who doesn't love the idea of going to new york the one place that everyone would love to go to at some point in there life. the buildings the area the shops the hustle and bustle i mean perfection in one holiday there is so much there that you can do and i would love to go there very soon and enjoy everything there possibly is there.

number 1........ Mexico (more specifically cancun moon palace resort)
this is somewhere where my family members have been before and they have loved it so much and i mean they loved it and i've seen picture videos reviews and i mean i am in love its perfection in one trip there's a spa swim up to pools all inclusive warm and amazing area and who doesn't want to have a number one dream holiday that they love so much because i do i mean i want it now and the sunset is just perfect. i better get saving :P

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Top 5 songs this week

there has been some new revolutions in the music industry and i am loving them i am also loving how amazing all of the music is at the minute with all of them summer vibes i am enjoying it. it has been pretty hard to narrow it down to top 5 songs but i have managed it .

number 5 ......... desiinger- panda
i love this song from the drops to the way the rap flows the video is kind of odd however it is a catchy song and everyone seems to enjoy it and even try the fine art of dabbing.

number 4 ........drake- controla
i really enjoy this song its a slow and calming yet upbeat and fun song to listen to and it is easy to understand and everyone understands most of the lyrics which is a first for drake as not many people understand may of his lyrics

number 3.........conor maynard- controla mash up
 i find this just amazing the idea was great and jack texting conor the songs to sing over the beat where just right the best choices and good flow, every song was an amazing i also loved the way they were sang and the order they were put in amazing best mash up i have ever watched and listened to.

number 2........nathan sykes - give it up
i am in love i love nathan sykes from before the wanted but this guy goes from Strength to strength and is just getting better and better it is amazing and this song is so good its fantastic every lyric has meaning and when he sings it he puts so much meaning into everything and it is wonderful.

number 1.........louisa jhonson clean bandit- tears
this song is the best thing i have ever heard i met louisa at her auditions and again at the six chair challenge and from the day i first met her i knew she was going to do well and she won and now this its amazing good beat amazing video and the song lyrics are just amazing. i also find the lyrics really good and many people can relate to them so i am loving it.

let me know what is your favorite song this week what are you liking and what are you not so liking i will be hoping to blog a lot more frequently so if theres anything you want to see here et me know i love hearing from you it helps me see what is good and bad on my blog. thankyou for your support and speak soon x

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Gluten Free cheesecake your way

so here it is a gluten free cheesecake in which can be added to and things you like to top it of and i really liked it it was amazing tasted good and doesn't taste any different to a non gluten free cheesecake so if you haven't got a gluten free issue then you can just add you own ingredients like plain digestive biscuits.
  • ingredients:
115g gluten free biscuits of your choice i used chocolate chip cookies (digestives or graham crackers for non gluten free)
  • 60g butter
  • 55g icing sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of demerara/ brown sugar
  • 175ml whipping cream
  • 150g cream cheese
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • red food dye (optional)

  1. Crush the digestive biscuits into a fine crumb you can have a few lumps if you like or a fine crumb for a smaller more delicate base
  2. melt the butter in a microwave or even over the hob to ensure all is melted fully 
  3.  then mix the biscuits crumbed mixture with the melted butter 
  4. add 1 tablespoon of the demerara sugar to the biscuit buttery mix and mix fully to ensure all the biscuits are covered with butter and sugar equally
  5. Press into the bottom of a round tin or any tine you feel suitable for your cheesecake 
  6. then refrigerate the base while you make the topping
  7. pour the cream into a clean bowl and whip cream until soft peak stage.
  8. add in the cream cheese and icing sugar sugar together to ensure no lumps in the mixture and keep mixing

  9. Fold in cream and the vanilla extract and mix thoroughly if you don't want two colours skip to stage 11 
  10. separate the mixture into two bowls and leave one mixture how it is and add red food die to the next one (add food dye to your preference but ensure that there spare icing sugar in case it starts going a little bit runny)
  11. Spread into tin on top of crushed biscuits you can do layers or swirls or make up your own pattern to what you prefer. (remember if you don't want to colours skip stage 10). 
  12. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes before decorating your cheesecake
  13. add fruit or any topping of your choice i chose strawberries and blueberries
  14. you can leave to chill for longer if you wish or if you feel like it is done you are ready to serve and enjoy