Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Zoella sweet inspirations product review (Zoe sugg)

hey everybody it has been such a long time since my last post and i am very sorry about that i hope you are all doing extremely well i cant believe we are now half way through the year as of tomorrow we are in month 6 of 12 how crazy is that it is unbelievable. it means that it is time to tell you what i have been liking in the month of may.

zoella products:

i love love love the new zoella products that were relesed last week they are fabulous i have to say zoe has really done a good jbo they smell and look fantastic and they are so good for your skin and also remind me of when you go on holiday it is fabulous. i am so proud of zoe and i also really love the packaging it is fabulous and adorable i love it so cute and i also love the theme sweet inspirations is amazing such a good theme and im telling you anyone i have spoke to about it ave seemed to love it and they are going crazy about it.

i also have to say i am adoring the different additions to the collection like the bath salt the shimmer body fondant and also the two new gorgeous bags they are amazing and fabulous its unbelievable i cant believe how perfect it all is its amazing. zoe if your reading this i love the products and i hope you like this :) x 

sugar dip: bath salts £6----- these smell and look fantastic they are just a great addition to ad to your bath i myself love different bath salts and i have to say this bath salt has to be one of my favorites they are so wonderful and the packaging are amazing its to beautiful to throw away well its like that with all of the packaging they are super wonderful and in the bath the bath salts are just fabulous and they dissolve in the bath wonderfully leaving it with an amazing sent it is perfect.

le fizz: bath fizzer £5---- these are wonderful the packaging is amazing it almost looks like a delicious chocolate bar in which you want to just devour but don't do that i love the stickers on it saying do not eat that is a wonderful idea. not only is this product perfect for adults it is also perfect for children as well watching the bath fizzers fizz in the bath is fabulous and they enjoy it so much.

bath latte: bubble bath £6---- this bubble bath is fantastic is smells so perfect and it smells delicious but then again please don't eat it. i love the idea of the milk bottle and the sent of this is insane i cant even try and explain how crazily good and amazing this is i love it. it is also amazing with the amount of bubbles it produces it is fantastic. little children also love this they love how amazing the packaging is and they also love the bubbles that are produced.

double creme: body creme £5---- this is so soft and luxurious and i have to say i love how it doesn't stick to your skin and how it doesn't cause a residue o the skin it is easily applied and i love how amazing it makes you smell. the packaging on this is just divine it is fabulous i mean the lovely colours and design is fantastic this product is also fantastic if you have dry skin as it softens it and makes it feel so much nicer.

sweet inspirations sprits £8---- this is so fabulous it is really Divine i cant believe how amazing it smells and it is in such a pretty packaging i love how cute it all looks and i also love how easy it is to use and that it is not to overpowering and it is just perfect. this is also good for younger children who love little sprays it is just wonderful

body fondant £10---- omg this is fabulous it leave you with a soft glow and shimmer and the easy application pad is just wonderful and it stops you getting in a mess and having tons in your hand, i really like this concept it is just fabulous and i mean fabulous any other version leaves the pad out and it looks like you have been left in a major glitter storm and it is very messy but this is perfect so i really love the pad. also the applicator is very soft and luxurious and very well made. the packaging on this as well is beautiful and i really love the colours on it.
Zoella Body Fondant
life is sweet: makeup bag £6----- this bag is perfect if you want a little bag to put some vital bits in that you want to take out with you so that you can have them n your bag without them getting everywhere in your bag and you end up losing them and not being able to find them so this is perfect it is also the perfect size to take anything out for example you can put loose change in it or depending on the size of your phone your phone can go in it as well.

zoella bag £12---- this bag is absolutely amazing size you could use this as a clutch bag on a night out which i have seen a few people walking around using them so it is amazing. i also love the way in which it is technically a 2 in 1 a clutch bag or a giant bag. i also love how much room there is is it it is almost like a tardis in which people are able to use to put in absolutely anything in which they can ever want.

i have to say Zoe has done a fantastic job with this and it is absolutely fabulous collection and everyone should try it and i assure you, you will love it and that you never want to stop using it. it all smells feels and looks fabulous and i mean i love it so much here is a link in which you can use to get the collection to your door
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zoella products at superdrug
zoella products at feel unique

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Sunday, 1 May 2016

April favorites video up

hey everybody today my video is up of my favorites from April i have loved so much today and it is unreal. there's different body beauty makeup things mentioned ad it would be awesome if you could check it out watch and subscribe feel free to share to others and thank you so much for all of your wonderful support i truly appreciate it xx