Tuesday, 24 April 2018

life on youtube - the rules

this post is about the rules of youtube's new rules on monetization and a group for the youtube (and blogging) community to join with a few basic rules and reasons for them. if there is any questions or comments to add feel free to ask and enjoy the read :)
monetization rules? 
the concept of the new rules on youtube is confusing to so many people that is still so very hard for people to understand what is happening to their channels. the use of monetization youtube was pretty much accessible to everyone until a lot more recently. as you are aware it is the smaller YouTubers who are getting hit the hardest by these new rules by having their Adsense cut. to now get monetised you need to have 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers and you have to have both of these in order to get the monetization. if your channel used to get monetised this will be stopped till you reach this target and only when this target is reached will you be able to get your Adsense working again. as soon as you hit this target you can get monetised and if you get an average of this mount of watch views a year then you will be able to sustain the monetization if not it may be taken of you again.

Was this in the works for a while, is it a good thing?
 I do believe that this was a long time coming for youtube as surely there is only a certain amount of money they have to give out, not only this but it can help them look at the videos getting monetized more closely to ensure there isn't anything that is classed as rude, disrespectful, racist, sexist or illegal and so on in videos. a prime example of this is as most of you would already know the logan paul saga with the video containing a dead body which definitely shouldn't have been uploaded but after that, it should have been spotted straight away. this now gives youtube more time to look and ensure that the videos in which advertisements are on are more suitable and better videos in which the ads are on.

the future for youtube?
 the future of youtube is bright and I guarantee everyone doing their creative uploads are amazing at what they do however it will take time and it will all work out in the end. I feel personally there is a strong future for youtube it is getting bigger and bigger by the day with more people joining and uploading and it is such a strong a the majority of the community are so freindly and helpful (except the minority who are trolls but always stay positive and ignore them) and your chanel and the future of youtube will be a great one!!!!

a friendly group to promote your channel?
I currently run a community over on Facebook for people to join by answering 3 simple questions and this means they can promote their channel and see people who post videos of similar content or even other content in which is of an interest to you. the group does have a few rules but this is mainly for the benefit of your channel such as no sub for sub as youtube doesn't do this and do always find out and take the subs away and in some cases stop you from being able to post as this is not people who actually want to view the videos necessarily but just people who want to get the subs for money (which doesn't happen anymore anyway). also, another rule of the group is no paying for subs as this really is not any help on anyone and a lot of the time it is just for the money and you don't actually get the subs. and the final rule of the group is just no private messaging people in the group but that's for personal reasons for people. other than that the group is free to join and is such a friendly community to join. (it is also for bloggers too!!!!)

the link to join is here -----> Youtube, vloggers and bloggers

Friday, 19 January 2018

UPDATED: 25 facts about me

i did one of these post a while back and since writing that post a lot has changed and i am now going to write an updated version of it. i found it very hard back when i originally started this before but i feel it may be easier to complete now my life has moved on a bit and i am now doing more with my day to day self.

1- I am 21 years of age born on the 24th September 1996
2- I am currently in my third year of university at Brookes in England
3- I am mid-way through writing my dissertation research piece
4- I have a boyfriend who is wonderful
5- My favourite foods at the moment is pasta bake and mashed potato
6- I have a love for make-up (some blog post will be made on this so keep a look out)
7- I have to eat a wheat free diet
8- I'm allergic to Aloe Vera
9- My favourite singer of all time is Nathan Sykes
10- I enjoy YouTube, sometimes make videos and also go to Sitc a YouTube convention
11-I still have a love for getting my nails done
12- My favourite or lucky number is 4
13- I have had wonderful opportunities over the past few years and have met amazing people (YouTubers)
14- I enjoy writing my blog and would love it if you were to follow and give this a +1 don't forget to comment
15- I love all different seasons for different reasons including festivities
16- I have a love for food weather that be cooking or eating out (may have some posts coming up about this)
17- I love going out and keeping busy with friends and boyfriend
18- I love being there for people and supporting them as and when i can
19- My favourite place to be is Brighton when it is warm or just any form of travelling really
20- I have a massive fear of clowns (done a previous post on fears)
21- I love Harry Potter and have a lot of the harry potter clothing, bedding and accessories (post coming soon)
22- I have a puppy (well shes 1 now) a border collie called Misty
23- I make up creations of food and keep a tab and remake them another time great heart warming healthy recipes (will be posted on my blog don't you worry)
24- I use all social media (i will leave links bellow)
25- I cant wait to have people read and enjoy my post when I've finished writing them like this one :)

i hope you enjoyed this blog post let me know a fact about you and what you like!

Social Media;
Twitter; @kayzzzz24
Instagram; xxkayleigh96xx

top 10 favourite foods

Everyone has foods in which they really enjoy and mine are some obvious ones which i have mentioned in my blog before and some are ones which you may not know i like.

1- I really enjoy a massive bowl of mash potato i enjoy it creamy with butter and milk and i also make it with three small white potatoes and a single sweet potato and i just love it

2- My love for pasta bake is very high, i get the tomato and herb pasta bake hompride version and cook it the way it says on the jar. however when i add the cheese on i also sprinkle on a little bit of mixed herbs for a bit of flavour (Gluten free pasta)

3- I also really enjoy fajita's a lot. i make them with pepper, onion, garlic and i do this with my next favourite your about to see as i am unable to have wheat tortillas (i can get gluten free but i prefer it with my next favourite)

4- Rice is another one of my favourites it just goes with anything and everything and i just love that fact it can be flavoured any way you want just adding in your own herbs and spices.

5- Sweetcorn yes i said it sweetcorn i love its taste and its texture and i love putting it in anything such as homemade pie (even my next favourite on my list)

6- I enjoy having mince meat weather it be real mince meat or quorn mince or a mixture of the two (yes i either have meat or vegetarian option or both as a mix i just love the flavour and it works out best for me) i love having all sorts with it such as rice or pasta and it can be put into so many different sauces its just perfect

7- Gravy i have this high love for gravy if i get a little bit peckish i will have gravy and vegetables as a warm snack

8- Chicken is another where ill have the real meat or quorn as i love the taste and i love that it can go with so much taste good and is really good for you as it is full of protien

9- Chocolate orange brownies are a great food that i enjoy my Nan gets them for me and they taste amazing especially when you freeze them and have them cold or even warm with some cream.

10- Mint choc chip ice cream is also a good shoat especially as i can get sore throats a lot and have had bad times with getting tonsillitis a lot throughout my life since i was around 13/14 years old. this also goes well with other foods and also the brownies which i have previously mentioned.

i will have to do top savoury dishes and top sweet dishes. i myself have a very sweet tooth and i enjoy the sweeter options. hope you enjoyed this blog post. let me know what your favourite food is and why

Thursday, 18 January 2018

how to write a literature review for a dissertation (university)

a literature review shows you are fully aware of the background and the topic in which you are writing your dissertation or writing piece for. it is there for you to describe and inform the reader of the current state of the research in the specific area you have chosen. here are a few pointers as to how to write the best dissertation piece you possibly could.

always ensure that you consider whether there are any closely related areas that will need to be referred to throughout the literature review and from this you can see if there is an identifiable a gap in the research where you can say there is a need for more in-depth research in that area.

you must ensure you explain how in your dissertation you are able to attend the issues and fore fill that gap.

don't forget to add in some of the following; theoretical content, methological context, practical context and political context

in saying the previous this may be a better lay out to understand it more clearly

general literature;
theoretical approach
empiricalw approach

central literature;
detailed analysis of theoretical and conceptual debates
discuss the main findings of important empirical structures
focused analysis of policy implication

Introduction to the literature review;
-outline the wider context of your literature review (where/how does your dissertation topic fits into wider subjects)
- outlining the scope of your literature review including sources and areas to be discussions.
-outlining how and why you have been selecting in the literature you are reviewing.
-providing a rationale reason and aims for reviewing the literature on the specific topic you are doing.

Main discussion of the literature review;
-analysing and evaluating the themes, issues, provisions (suggest, conclusion and opinions of authors) found in the litriture
-synthesising (= drawing together/ combing) common themes, issues and propositions to enable you to draw and respond to a conclusion
-comparing and contrasting themes, issues, propositions and research outcomes

Conclude your literature review;
-conclude how your literature review has met the aims outlined in your introduction
-summarising and synthesising the main issues and themes related to your topic area and research question as identified in the literature you've reviewed
-suggesting areas of further development and study
-outlining implications and significant of the identified themes and issues for your dissertation
-identify why and how your own research will aim to address the gaps identified (providing a rationale for your topic)

jumanji review

Karen Gillen as Martha
Dwayne Johnson as Spencer
Kevin Heart as Fridge
Jack Black as Bethany
Nick Jonas as Alex

this film is about four high-school aged children put into detention to discover an old games console with a game already plugged into it. they have never heard of the game called Jumanji before and they are tempted to play. they turn on the console choose there characters when they are sucked into the game itself. they literally become the avatars that they have chosen to be. they then find themselves having to solve the game but they don't just need to play Jumanji they need to somehow survive it to get home meeting Alex along the way.

this film was amazing a real stomach laughter. the characters are outrageously hilarious with one-liners and enough seat gripping adventures that gets your heart pumping. it is a real cracker of a film and is defiantly something i would love to see again it was great. Also the use of the music throughout the film is great and it really is made to make you feel like you are almost inside the game yourselves wanting to get up and join in and is definitely a thrill seekers dream.

I would rate this film a strong 9 out of ten it would have got a ten if i could have joined in ;) 

If you haven't seen it already i definitely recommend you go and see it and if you have seen it what did you think?

my top 10 student life hacks (university/college)

every student needs some form of life hacks to get by and here are the top ten of mine, they are not in any particular order i just like to have them down as everyone is different and depending on the day and what needs to be done is what depends on what order they are in.

1. Take your lecture notes using different coloured pens…
 The use of multiple colours helps map your thought pattern, allowing you to think deeper into the topic. The use of colour helps fire up your visual memory, giving you a greater chance of actually being able to remember what you’ve written.

2. Studying incentive: When you reach a gummy bear you get to eat it.
the more you read the more treats you get just don't cheat and eat them all in one go!

3. Stock up on Vitamin C
Make sure you get lots of it during Freshers' Week.Fresher's Flu is also a very real thing - so stock up on the vitamins and don’t be one of those people coughing over the lecturer's word

4. Roll all your clothes to save space in your small room
trust me this works especially if you have little storage or want to take a lot of things on a trip away with you

5. Get well acquainted with recipes you can make using a mug and a microwave.
they are very useful and also taste great. it is perfect especially if you want a quick snack without waiting for ages for them

6. Chew gum.
the act of chewing gum is actually a brain booster. And, since there aren’t severe side effects (like there can be with caffeine) chomping on your favourite flavour is a great study aid.

7. Rewrite your notes by hand.
Go old school and rewrite your notes by hand. When you take the time to rewrite them by hand, you actually learn more effectively than when using your computer, tablet or laptop.

8. Make a cheat sheet you’ll never use.
Though you’ll obviously never use a cheat sheet during an actual exam or quiz, it can help to create one because in order to do so, you’ll need to sift through all of your notes and materials to find the key items and rewrite them on your sheet.
taking effective breaks helps you become a lot more productive throughout the day. however there has been some debate as to different methods of work vs break levels some people say 52 mins work 17 min rest i prefer 45 mins work 20 mins rest but you just have to find something that works out to be the best for you

9. Sleep
yes that's right I've said it, it’s a basic human need that, unfortunately, needs to be stated. Get plenty of rest while studying (and before the test or quiz). Your body needs to sleep to think properly.

10. Take Effective Breaks
Taking effective breaks helps you become a lot more productive throughout the day. however there has been some debate as to different methods of work vs break levels some people say 52 mins work 17 min rest i prefer 45 mins work 20 mins rest but you just have to find something that works out to be the best for you

hope this helps you out if you have any hacks you'd like to add feel free to leave them in the comments.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

my top 4 fears (technically 5)

everyone in the world has at least one fear even if they don't want to admit it!!!! i myself i guess you can say is fairly whimpy as i have a fair few. i feel i may sometimes get a bit muddled with fear and a slight fright but i can be certain that the next five things i have a strong fear against. with any of them i can end up crying, shaking, struggling to breath and its not nice but hopefully one day i can get over them fears and become a better less scared person. i mean yes i get anxiety a lot but i want to try and slowly overcome a few fears eventually so i don't find it to hard to do things as much as i sometimes do.

number 4 in my list of fears has to be blood!!!!
this is just because it bring memories of horrible times and also its just not a really nice thing. when i see blood i just freak out a little bit and the worst thing i guess about blood is the chance of needles that come with it i just really don't like that concept at all. yes i'm a woman but just because of that doesn't mean i should be scared of blood i get told this all the time. i have a fear and i cant help that

number three in my list is spiders!!!!
oh my! just make sure one of those things don't come near me cause i will scream. no matter what size they are i just cant stand them it just not right nothing in the world should have 8 legs just no! i had what most people would call a tiny money spider on my hand a few weeks back and i screamed so loudly felt so itchy and flung my arms about and had to get in the shower as soon as i possibly could.

number two on my list is heights!!!!
i hate heights so much especially for example if i'm out shopping and i'm on the third floor and all it is between me and seeing the floor is a glass plane i cant go near it i hate looking down it makes me feel sick and i just don't like it. i also under this would say falling from such heights is something i wouldn't like at all the fear of that is just so high so i just stay clear and try and avoid it as much as possible (this is technically a fifth fear but as it is linked to this i just wrote it hear).

number one on my list is clowns!!!!
i can't stand clown to the point i have to run away and i'm crying and shaking unable to breath. the whole concept of the red nose the wig and the ridiculous clothes and shoes i just hate it even just writing this is freaking me out a little bit just because of the idea. i once got chased by a clown with a chainsaw on Halloween and ever since i get so scared. its hard cause clowns are supposed to be funny but i really don't like them. i got made to watch Stephen Kings it and i cried throughout shaking and i wish i never saw it. if i see a red balloon floating around by itself it freaks me out to the point i need to get as far away as possible form it just in case there is a clown near by. (i understand that clowns can have any kind of balloon but its just the red balloons freak me out the most for some reason).

so what is your fears? and do you agree on anything i have said in my list i would love to hear from you!!!!